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Explore Thassos Island, Famous for its Beaches, for a Budget-Friendly Holiday in Greece


Discover Thassos, the most beautiful island of Western Thrace, famous for its beaches. Continue reading our article to learn about places to visit and things to do.

An island with crystal beaches and lush greenery, Thassos holidays in Greece is the northernmost island of the Aegean Sea, very close to the coasts of the mainland. Ideal for family and relaxing holidays, Thassos island has gorgeous beaches, either organized or totally secluded. The mountainous villages in the inland have traditional architecture, with stone houses, paved streets and grey-tiled roofs. The surrounding landscape is great for trekking with paths leading to abandoned places, castle ruins and caves. The most interesting sightseeing to visit in your Thassos holidays is the Ancient Agora, while the Monastery of Archangel Michael offers breathtaking view to the Aegean Sea.

Where is Thassos

Thassos or Thasos, Tasos (Greek: Θάσος, Thásos) is a Greek island. So where is Thassos? Geographically part of the North Aegean Sea, but administratively part of the Kavala regional unit. It is the northernmost major Greek island, and 12th largest by area.

Map of Thassos

View a graphical Thassos map but also a Google map with villages, beaches and sightseeing. Also, view Thassos on a map of Eastern Aegean and Greece.

How to get to Thassos

Ways to travel and get to Thassos (Thasos, Tasos) island by flight, bus, car rental, own car, train or ship? Its easy to reach Thassos because this island is all closed to transportation centers such as Kavala, Xanthi, Thessaloniki airports.

How to get to Thassos by car

If you are starting to make plan to travel to Thassos by car, there are excellent road connections with all the large towns in the region to getting Thassos. How to get to Thassos by car?

Thassos Island, island of the Sirens, offers you as many options as there are colours in the blues of the sea and sky, the greens of the trees and the golden hues of the sandy beaches.

Thassos transportation

Thassos is the northernmost island of the Aegean Sea and it boasts an incredible landscape! Find out how you can explore the whole region in every possible way!

how to get to thassos island
Limenas Port of Thasos or Thassos Greek island in the North Aegean Sea.

Local buses in Thassos

Public transportation is an affordable and at the same time amusing way to explore the whole region! The central bus stop of Thassos is located in Limenas. Buses depart from this point towards the west and east-coast villages of the island. You will find more detailed information about the routes and timetables at the bus stop of Limenas.

Car and motorbike rentals in Thassos

With a car or motorcycle, you can explore the island at your own pace and gain access to the most secluded spots! In case you don’t have your own vehicle, it is an excellent idea to rent one for your sightseeing trips! There are car and motorbike rentals in Limenas and in every tourist spot of the island.

Thassos travel guide

This island in the North Aegean is one of the best options for your summer holiday in Greece, thanks to its beautiful beaches and traditional allure. You will enjoy your stay in the excellent hotels, sample local delicacies in the villages, hike the trails and seek out the island’s secrets. If you are a nature lover, into water sports or just want the good life, Thassos Island is your ideal emerald escape.

Surrounded by lush greenery and having crystal clear waters, Thassos beaches boast a unique natural landscape. Some of them are organized with umbrellas, sunbeds and water sports facilities, while others are unspoiled and private. Paradise, Makriammos, Golden beach Thassos, Alyki, Metalia, and Livadi are some of the best beaches in Thassos! Dive into the crystal clear waters of these beaches, laze under the sun and then taste the local delicacies at the seaside taverns.

Best time to visit Thassos

Thassos weather: Since it is located in the northern part of Greece, Thassos possesses a colder climate than most of the other islands. The winter is humid with low temperatures. The temperature starts rising from April and the springtime is mild and sunny. Summer is hot, but temperatures do not rise as high as in the Cyclades.

Things to do in Thassos

Discover the best top things to do in Thassos Town (Limenas), Greece including Archaeological Museum of Thasos, Golden Beach, Metalia Beach, Vasiliadis Diving Club, Monastery of Archangel Thassos, Marble Beach, Psili Ammos Beach, Giola, Atspas Beach, Beach of Pefkari, Pachis Beach Bar.

Another popular activity in Thassos island is hiking. The island is crossed by many old footpaths that lead to mountainous villages, Medieval towers, waterfalls, caves and beaches. Very beautiful are the path to Mount Ipsarion, located in the centre of the village.

An island for nature lovers

The colour green in all its hues envelops you on Thassos Island. Take the tree-lined roads from the beaches to the ravines, lakes, cascades and foot-paths around the village. Discover the following trails, on foot or mountain bike and be rewarded: Maries-Prinos, Panagia-Potamia-Ypsario, Kallirahi-Prinos, Hrisi Ammoudia-Limenas. For lovers of outdoor sports, Thasos Island is the ideal summer destination for an adventure-filled holiday.

Arrival at Limenas

This is Thassos link to the mainland and its capital since antiquity, Limenas. Be sure to see the ancient agora; the sanctuaries of Herakles, Dionysos, Artemis and Poseidon; and the incredible view from the Acropolis and the 5th century BC theatre – all testament to the island’s long history. To get back to today’s world, walk through the central market and its dozens of shops as well as the small harbour on the beach. At night you’ll have fun choosing your favourite from among dozens of restaurants and bars.

Palataki at Limenaria in Thassos Island

Palataki (little palace) is a two-storey rectangular building with a pair of towers, a typical example of eclecticism. Built in the early 1900s to provide office space for Speidel, the German company that was in charge of the island’s mines, it’s considered the most impressive of the administrative buildings and attractions in the Aegean and it’s surrounded by one of the most important industrial monuments in the Mediterranean. Thasos has been a mining centre since antiquity with rich deposits of mercury, lead, iron, manganese and white marble.

Paradise on Earth

Truth in advertising! The exotic beach that goes by the name Paradise is considered one of the finest in the Aegean.

What to do in Thassos

Activities in Thassos

Thassos has it all: scuba diving and instructors at Pefkari, water skiing at Chrysi Ammoudia, Pefkari and Psili Ammos, windsurfing at Paradise and boat rides to the most isolated beaches from all over. Fun and games in the sea and wind on the island of your dreams.

High-end hospitality

No matter your budget, Thassos will more than satisfy you. Whether you opt for one of the five-star hotels and villas, or just a room or furnished apartment, everything is here for you, from swimming pools and poolside bars with a view of the sea in a well-tended garden, to water massages and restaurants.

Summer Festival in Thassos

The annual summer Kavala – Thassos festival hosts notable performances and concerts. The cultural events reach their peak with the representation of the ‘Thassos wedding’, where you’ll relive the revival of ancient Dionysian traditions through local wedding customs.

The Archaeological Museum of Thassos

A 3.5m tall kouros – an imposing statue representing a male youth – greets you as you enter the museum, which holds an important collection of finds from the 7th century BC to the 7th century AD, in a renovated and expanded building of the 1930s.

The villages of Thassos

Whether on the coast or inland you’ll discover beautiful little villages all over the island: Agios Georgios, Alyki, Theologos, Kallirahi, Kastro, Kazaviti, Koinyra, Limenaria, Maries, Panagia.

Where to Eat and Drink in Thassos

As a typical Greek island, Thassos (Thasos) is a heaven for dining not only when it comes to traditional cuisine but also the ideal place for sea food lovers, as one of the island’s main activities is fishing. For the best Thassos restaurants you should visit Thassos town, Limenas, and Potos village are among the best places to eat in Thassos as they boast some of the best Thassos restaurants and taverns on the island. Where to Eat and Drink in Thassos?

Thassos Nightlife

Nightlife in Thassos is mostly concentrated in the tourist spots, such as Limenaria, Limenas, Potos and Skala Prinou. There, you can find nice bars that offer summer cocktails till around midnight and also a few clubs that play loud music till the early hours. For a calm night out, have a long dinner in the many taverns around the island. There are taverns almost in every village of Thassos and also along a few beaches.

Villages of Thassos

The villages of Thassos are surrounded by an amazing green landscape. Theologos, Potamia, and Panagia are the most picturesque villages with stone architecture and elegant mansions.

Beaches of Thassos

You will probably run out of stamina before Thassos Island runs out of beaches: Chrysi Akti, Chrysi Ammoudia, Agios Antonios, Alykes, Trypiti, Skala Potamia, Paralia Limena, Pefkari, Skala Rahoiou, Gkiola, Saliara or Marble beach as the enamoured foreign tourists call it. The combination of the azure of the sea, pale or golden sand and green backdrops with enchant you. Topping it off are the tavernas, beach bars and water sports available at some of the most popular beaches in Thassos.

Where to stay in Thassos

What are the best places to stay in Thassos, Greece? Limenas, Skala Potamia, Panagia or Sotiros villages? Where to stay in Thassos for couples, honeymoon, with family in budget hotels. Where to stay in Thassos?


You will find below our selection with the best hotels on Thassos island! Want to see more? View all hotels in Thassos.

Hotels in Thassos are spread in various parts of the island. Very convenient spots are Limenas, Limenaria, Potos and Skala Prinou, which have many tourist facilities and nice beaches closeby. For a more romantic stay, have a look at Thassos hotels located by the sea.

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