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Best Area to Stay in Thassos: Choose the Right Accommodation and Book Now


Do you prefer hotels close to the beaches or more budget-friendly accommodation? If you are wondering where to stay on Thassos island, continue reading our article.

What are the best places to stay in Thassos, Greece? Limenas, Skala Potamia, Panagia or Sotiros villages? On this post, You will find where to stay in Thassos and best hotels in Thassos for couples, honeymoon, with family in budget hotels.

Thassos, is one of the most beautiful islands of Greece, combining sea and mountains. The excellent beaches with the crystal clear waters, the remote tiny bays, the picturesque villages and the busy night life make Thassos an ideal and popular resort. So where to stay in Thassos or what is the best places for hotels, accommodation, rooms, studios, apartments?

Be prepared for your holidays in Thassos. Every villages of Thassos around the island has a lot of hotels, rooms, studios, apartments. Chose the one you like and suits your taste. Thassos hotels and other accommodations are for every tasteand in different prices. Thassos is the green island of North Aegean, with crystal clear sea and sandy beaches.

What is the best place to stay in Thassos?

where to stay in thassos
Map of Hotels, accommodation, rooms, studios, apartments in Thassos.

Thassos has 22 mountain and coastal villages. The coastal villages usually have the title “Skala” as they constituted the ports of the mountain villages.

Limenas: Τhassos flourished in the ancient times and that is revealed by its interesting archaeological sites. In the 19thcentury, it was inhabited by dwellers of Panagia for a second time and by refugees from Asia Minor and Thrace. Nowadays, Thassos, which is also known as Limenas, comprises the capital and the administration centre of the whole island. It is located in the northern part of Thassos and it is the nearest part with the Greek mainland. It hosts the central harbor on island which is occasionally linked with the harbor of Keramoti. The population of Limenas is approximately 3000. Its residents are occupied with tourism, agriculture, fishery, and marble extraction from quarries as well.

Limenaria: Limenaria is the second largest town in Thassos with a population of 2500 approximately. Its distance from Limenas is 38 kilometres. It flourished during the beginning of 1900 when the large mining operation commenced by the German corporation “Speidel”. Its population began rising after the arrival of residents of the mountainous village of Kastro and the settlement of refugees from Asia Minor and Thrace. In a distance of 2 kilometers far from Limenaria, there is a village called Kalyvia. It was significantly expanded due to the habitants that came from Kastro and refugees. The name of the village comes from the Greek word “καλύβα”, which means “hut”. The appellation was given to the village because of the huts that had been constructed during the era of transfer of the residents. The village faced huge financial growth at the period of mining.

Potos: Well-known coastal village at the southern part of Thassos. It is 40 km far from Limenas and 2 km from Limenaria. It was the main harbor of the village Theologos. It is a cosmopolitan and much-frequent resort for young people with great nightlife. The beach is expanded in front of the village centre. In a near distance, there are the famous beaches of Agios Antonios, Rossogremos, Psili Ammos and Pefkari. Visiting those beaches you will enjoy a unique sunset.

Skala Potamia: Was the harbor of Potamia and their distance is 3km. The region faces huge touristic development and it is a popular destination. Its beach known as Chrisi Akti is large in length and in width. It was characterized as golden by the color that is reflected by the sun. At the margin of the village, at the haven, you will discover the traditional picturesque building of Tarsana. It was a place where fishers monks of Athos (Agio Oros) found refuge but today it hosts cultural events.

Things to do and see in Thassos

Discover the best top things to do in Thassos Town (Limenas), Greece including Archaeological Museum of Thasos, Golden Beach, Metalia Beach, Vasiliadis Diving Club, Monastery of Archangel Thassos, Marble Beach, Psili Ammos Beach, Giola, Atspas Beach, Beach of Pefkari, Pachis Beach Bar. For more info click here.

Best area to stay in Thassos?

Green and peaceful, Thasos or Thassos, is just ten kilometres from Kavala on the mainland, and is part of the North Aegean Island group. Inexpensive by Greek island standards, this is a wonderful place to relax. The beaches are beautiful, its green mountainous interior is littered with picturesque villages and minor historic attractions, and it’s easy to get to by ferry.

Thasos is a popular spot for Greek holidaymakers, but even so, the best places to stay on Thasos have rooms rates which will surprise you. And even at the height of the season there are so many beautiful beaches on Thasos that it’s highly unlikely you’ll visit a crowded one.

Do not miss if you are or will be on Thassos

  • Be sure to visit the port of Thasos as well as the ruins of the Venetian castle at Limenaria.
  • There’s also the ancient Greek temple at Alyki and the Byzantine Moni Arhangeloua: a wonderfully atmospheric working convent with a 400-year-old church and a group of friendly nuns.
  • Luvadi Beach is one of the island’s most picturesque spots, so it’s well worth visiting and spending the day there.
  • Head around the Archeological Museum, filled with a variety of wonderful artefacts, if you want a fascinating look at Thasos’s past.

Best things about Thassos hotels

  • Most romantic towns in Thassos: Limenaria, Limenas or Skala Potamia
  • Best views: Limenas or Skala Prinos – but Limenaria and Alyki have wonderful views too
  • Best shopping: Limenas
  • Best for honeymoon: Skala Potamia (quiet and romantic), Limenas (nightlife), Limenaria (a bit of both)
  • Best clubs and nightlife on Thassos: Limenas
  • Best restaurants on Thassos: Limenas, Skala Potamia and Theologos.
  • Best beach town on Thassos: Skala Potamia (wonderful swimming, lots of restaurants)
  • Best sunsets on Thassos: Skala Prinos
  • Best for peace and solitude: Limenaria
  • Best place to stay on a budget: Limenaria or Prinos
  • Best for families: Skala Potamia (the most to do), Limenaria or Potos (great swimming, kid-friendly vibe)
  • Best hotels in Thassos: Alexandra Golden Boutique Hotel (Adults Only), Royal Paradise Beach Resort & Spa, Thassos Grand Resort, Makryammos Bungalows.

Which area to stay in Thassos?

Thassos is a mixture from marvelous, beautiful, sometimes breathtaking sceneries, nice beaches, clear sea and the still more visible impacts of mass tourism. In September Thassos is not overcrowded but the end of the season is seen everywhere. In some places there is a lot of refuse and a litter basket is an absolute curiosity on the island.

History goes back as far as ancient times. Thassos is girdled with myths. According to one of them, Zeus took shelter on Thassos after kidnapping the Phoenician queen, Europe.

Best area to stay in Thassos?

Thassos Island in the Northern Aegean Sea, Greece, is among the most favorable and suggested holiday retreats for visitors of all ages and tastes.

As such, Thassos is full of hotel accommodation units not only in its capital, Limenas, but also in most of its largest resorts and villages featuring a satisfying array of rooms, luxury suites, private villas, studios and apartments.

One of the best places to stay in Thassos is Limenas where you will find cozy rooms and comfortable studios ideal for couples and families. Dasylio boasts some of the best hotels in Thassos too as it is a very well developed resort with a beautiful stretch of sandy coast surrounding a small pine forest.

Navigate through Holidayify’s Stay list and discover some of the best hotels in Thassos based on solid quality criteria for your perfect vacation in Macedonia & Thrace, northern Greece.

Which town of Thassos is best to stay at?

Thassos has a wealth of hotels, many in the capital but also in the other main towns and around the best beaches, the major towns and larger villages also offer a good choice of restaurants and bars as well as shops like supermarkets and places to pick up souvenirs like fridge magnets, t-shirts and others.

The choice on where to stay will largely depend on your personal preferences and our resort guide will help you to make that decision. The majority of people will probably want to stay in one of the main towns, Limenas and Limenaria being the most popular.

If you prefer to stay close to a gorgeous sandy beach and don’t need the sights of the capital then staying close to Golden beach could be a good choice. For those that prefer to get away from the normal tourist resorts, why not try out one of the quieter towns like Panagia or Aliki.

The Best Place for a Honeymoon and Wedding on Thassos

You need a place on Thassos for honeymoon with equally beautiful views, equally amazing hotels or suites but less touristic and crowded. That place is called Skala Potamia my dear honeymooners.

If you cannot find something nice at Skala Potamias try search the available hotels and rooms in Limenas which is pretty close and also has some very impressive hotels and private rooms. For information about honeymoon in Greece

The Best Place for a Family with kids on Thassos

Thassos is a great destination for family holidays, with its silky golden beaches, stunning scenery and calm blue waters all coming together to make the perfect relaxing break in one of Greece’s most charming island escapes. Known as the ‘Emerald Isle’, visitors to Thassos can expect a dramatic mountainous landscape of lush green countryside and olive tree groves with panoramic views of the Aegean Sea and its crystal blue waters.

The Best Place for a Young Couple

Thassos is made for romantic getaways. With a wealth of pretty beachside bars and restaurants, to quiet beaches and untouched countryside, the island provides couples with the ideal hideaway.

Visit Skala Prinou for pristine beaches fringed by green mountains and sunsets to make you swoon. Explore the underwater delights of Thassos with a day of snorkelling and finish with a cocktail whilst taking in the sunset.

For the ultimate romantic activity, enjoy a horse drawn carriage. The traditional carriage is ideal during the summer months and is available in Thassos Town and Skala Potamia.

The Best Place for Nightlife in Thassos

Nightlife in Thassos is mostly concentrated in the tourist spots, such as Limenaria, Limenas, Potos and Skala Prinou. There, you can find nice bars that offer summer cocktails till around midnight and also few clubs that play loud music till the early hours. For a calm night out, have a long dinner in the many taverns around the island. There are taverns almost in every village of Thassos and also along few beaches.

The Best Place for Beach Life in Thassos

One of the best things about your vacations in Thassos is the string of beautiful beaches that dot the coastline. Dreamy beaches and hidden coves with sparkling blue water and pine trees reaching right up to the waterfront create some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece. The island also offers a number of sight seeing options to make your Thassos vacation interesting. For a start, you can hire a four-wheel drive to Ypsarion, from where you can have a spectacular view of the entire island.

Best Hotel in Skala Potamia beach, Thassos

Skala Potamia is the fishing hamlet, which is at the southernmost end of the Golden Beach. It is more developed than the northern part of the beach, offering a wide range of shops, bars, restaurants and cafes to suit all ages and nationalities. It is now linked to the northern end of the bay by a well lit, pedestrian walkway and this provides a lovely evening stroll to enable you to stay at either end of the bay and have access to the facilities of the neighbouring resort.

Skala Potamia not only provides restaurants to suit every taste, pocket and nationality. It has lively as well as quiet bars, funfair entertainment for the children and peaceful waterside bars for parents and grand parents, whilst the children can play safely in the clean water nearby.

It has its own taxi rank, is served year-round by the bus service, doctors, a pharmacy, numerous car hire locations, some very smart hotels with pools which are open to non-residents, as well as being located in the beautiful bay between the villages of Potamia and Panagia, offering easy access to walks in and around the hills and the mountainside.

Best Hotels in Skala Potamia: Miramare, Kamelia Hotel, Seabird Apartments, Vista Al Mar,

The Best Place for Cheap Holidays in Thassos

As one of Greece’s larger islands, you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to activities, cheap hotels and accommodation and facilities during holidays in Thassos. The capital, Thassos Town, also known as Limenas, is the main resort on this island and is home to a plethora of restaurants, shops and a busy port. The main attraction in the town is the ancient Roman amphitheatre and an acropolis.

On the east side of the island sits Skala Potamias which is home to stunning sunrises, as well as super clean beaches. To the south of the island is the quieter town of Limenaria, which will give you a piece of authentic Greece, with whitewashed buildings right by the sea. Harking back to its mining past, you will see the turreted mining headquarters on the headland looking out to Limenaria Beach.

Affordable Hotels in Thassos

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