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A Holiday Paradise Just 800 Meters from the Turkish Coast: Kastellorizo Island


Kastellorizo (Kastellorizoi, Megisti) or Castellorizo is a Greek island and municipality located in the southeastern Mediterranean. Kastellorizo island fringes of the Dodecanese, this tiny island is fiercely Greek but infinitely hospitable. This perfect gem of an island lies just 800m from the Turkish coast, but it is ineffably Greek. On the map, it appears a mere speck in the Mediterranean, yet for eons it lay on the crossroads of all the major civilisations.

Where is Kastellorizo island

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Kastellorizo, the smallest of the Dodecanese islands, is the most eastern island of Greece, barely one nautical mile from the Turkish mainland. Where is Kastellorizo?

How to get to Kastellorizo island

In summer Olympic Air offers every day flights except Thursday. The plane is a DASH 8 with 37 seats. It leaves Rhodes and the duration of the flight is 25 minutes.

All the ferries come here from Rhodes harbor every Monday and Friday and it take around 4 hours. Even the ones that come here from Piraeus pass by Rhodes island. You can travel with Blue Star direct from Piraeus to Kastellorizo and take a cabin.

how to get to kastelorizo
How to get to Kastellorizo?

How to get Kastellorizo from Kas, Turkey

Ferries to Greek Island Kastellorizo from Kas goes once a week until May.After May our ferry goes to Kastellorizo everyday from 10am to 4 pmThis little ısland is the nearest island to Turkey .So the journey takes only 20 minutes from Kaş Harbor.

It prospered, too, as you will see from the impressively restored mansions that line the port and only town, and from the red castle nearby that gave the island its name. Most important, Zeus, the god of hospitality, still reigns here and the locals will make sure your holiday is memorable. Welcome to Kastellorizo!

Things to do and see in Kastellorizo

Also called Megisti, the little remote island of Kastellorizo lies at the easternmost edge of Greece and the Dodecanese complex. An important touristic attraction thanks to the 1991 Academy Award-winning motion picture Mediterraneo, it is known for the beauty of its harbor and its relaxed, laidback vibe. Here are some of the best things to see and do Kastellorizo Island, top attractions and activities.

Beaches of Kastellorizo island

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There are a few beaches here, and it is a good idea to take a walk and find your own little bay. The only way for a swim is diving from the cliffs, platform and even the harbor. A good solution are the boats that can take to to the few beaches of the surrounding islands (Ro, Agios Georgios and Stroggyli).

At Pharos, where a small pier allows for boats to approach as well as at Plakes, within 20 min. walk to the north. At Mandraki, a narrow stripe of sandy beach. More beaches to be found at the islands of Ro – two concave stripes of sand – Aghios Gheorghios and Strongyli. For the daredevils: swimming within the Blue Cave (alias Cave of Phokialis), accessible by boat.

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  • Ro (West Kastellorizo): On Ro islet lies the only worth-while beach of the entire area.
  • Mandraki (East Kastellorizo): A small beach with little sand and pebble next to the harbor.

Where to stay in Kastellorizo island


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