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5 Most Romantic Places In Santorini


There are wonderful places on the island of Santorini for romantic couples to spend time together. Here are the places you can go with your lover.

Blue skies, sea, and domes of whitewashed villages of Santorini merges to create a soulful setting, specially for the couples. The most romantic places in Santorini, like Oia, and Akrotiri please with its iconic landmarks, panoramic views, and restaurants that make your meal scenes look straight out of a fairytale.

Romantic Places In Santorini: Walking hand in hand across cobbled pavements, or black sand beach, your honeymoon in Europe will be nothing without a visit to Santorini, Greece. Read on as we tell you about to the places you must visit on your honeymoon in Santorini.

Oia – The iconic honeymooner’s spot of Santorini

Surely, when it comes to honeymoon in Santorini, Oia appears in front of our eyes. This lovely white-washed village in Santorini is one of the most romantic places in Santorini. Couples come over to specially enjoy sunset from Oia, with the views of Thirassia Island, Volcano of Palia and Nea Kameni. The narrow walkways and blue domed churches of the village complements the exotic coastline beside it.

How to make it special: Enjoy sundowner with your significant other in a romantic cliffside restaurant like Ambrosia.

Akrotiri – Historical gem on the island

Uncover the ancient Greek tales while in Akrotiri, one of the most romantic places in Santorini. This archeological site dates back to as early as 3000 BC, and was destroyed by volcanic eruption in 1627 BC. However, today the site has been restored. Being a lesser-known attraction of Santorini, not many people come over here, which actually acts as a brownie point for the couples wanting some peaceful time away from tourist crowd. If you go to wander about the village, you’ll come closer to local Greek culture.

How to make it special: Climb to the top of old fortress to enjoy the views of most part of the island along with caldera of the volcano. Spend some time here, and then keep walking towards the grape vines.

Imerovigli – Balcony to the Aegean

With structures built amphitheatrically around the caldera, Imerovigli is known for one of the most beautiful sunsets; so much so, it is called ‘Balcony to the Aegean (Sea)’.The name of the village itself mean vigla, which translates to ‘viewpoint’. Imerovigli’s landmarks remind us of the Cyclades era. Visit the sites like Ai-Stratis, Monastery of Saint Nikolaos, and Skaros with your other half, and experience Greek romance.

How to make it special: Spend an evening at a tavern or cafe at Imerovigli, savoring Greek flavors with local wine.

Perissa – Captivating with its black sand beach

Perissa is among the most romantic places in Santorini, and in fact there’s a unique characteristic that pulls people from world across – Its black sand beach, being kissed away by azure sea waves. To top it all on your honeymoon, there are many beach facilities for your comfort; Santorini boutique hotels, taverns, beach sunbeds are just some of them. Mesa Vouno, the gigantic rock beside the beach is yet another attractions of the locale.

How to make it special: Walk hand in hand on the beach, take the narrow path to the ancient ruins of Thera. You can decide to go on foot, or take a donkey-ride to reach the point.

Pyrgos – The quieter version of Oia

Beautified with labyrinthine streets, hidden passageways, and fortified walls, Pyrgos will make your romantic escape to the Greek Island even more charming with its stunning white structures. This is supposed to be a comparatively quieter places to visit in Santorini, hence is great for couples.

How to make it special: Visit the Venetian Castle, which dates back to the 13th century. Also, don’t miss visiting the churches like Agia Theodosia, and Archangel Michael.

Hope this list of most romantic places in Santorini was helpful for you. Here are some FAQs answered just for you!

Where to stay in Santorini on a budget?

Porto Castello, Sakas Residences, and Hotel Eucalyptus are among the best places to stay in Santorini on a budget.

What are the places to visit in Santorini at night?

Koo Club, Enigma Club, Two Brothers Bar, PK Cocktail Bar, and Love Boat Bar are some of the best places to visit in Santorini at night.

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