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Thassos Mermer Plajı


Visit the most interesting beach of Thassos island, which is famous all over the world for its pure white color: Marble Beach.

Marble beach, also known as Saliara is the best destination in Taşoz for the first time. Arriving in beautiful Taşoz there are many beaches that will stimulate our interest. All separate and all different. But undoubtedly there is a beach which is more loved than the others and is considered by most, locals or tourists as the most beautiful of Thassos. This beach is named Saliara or Marble Beach is as they used to call the tourist.

We arrive at the Thassos Marble beach! As we descend immediately to our left we see the Marble beach and panoramic facilities. The beauty of the beach is unique and immediately already feel that compensates us for the inconvenience that may got to the dirt road. The water is crystal clear, the beach is not sandy but smooth whitewashed stones and depth of the sea will satisfy both inexperienced with the water element who want shallow water to relax, and swimmers who want to go deep. The sea is shallow, but deepens abruptly at 5 meters from the shore. Right Ms. left of the beach there are rocks and the place is ideal for those who want to explore it with the mask. So it’s the perfect place for young people and families. The beach is ideal for Big boat as it is very easy to visit.

The beach facilities are also wonderful. On the Thassos Marble beach running beach bar that offers a wide variety of soft drinks, coffee, drinks and even food if hungry during the day! Around the bar there too shady and the customer can choose between the classic tables and chairs that we see all the beaches and prive which can calm and relax with friends as there are pillows, large armchairs and mattresses where settles all the company.

Whatever you choose you are sure to spend wonderful in this beautiful, unique and blue beach and believe me it is a destination that anyone traveling to Thassos must see before leaving! So wear a swimsuit, take masks and rackets and we left for the Saliara!

Where is Marble beach

Marble beach is located in the north-eastern part of the island, the island’s capital Limenas. To find it is not at all difficult. There are 2 ways. We can take the ring to Panagia of Port and Potamia vilages and before leaving the port to turn left to enter the city. The other way is to get into the Port without taking the ring road. In both cases we are looking to find a corner where there is next to some ancient and a sign that says Makriammos.

Thassos Marble

So named because above it there is a marble factory of Thassos, so the beach is pure white and the water crystal clear with no seaweed. The beach is really unique!

How to get to Thassos Marble

In this corner there is a stone tap. We turn and begin to climb the mountain. Going up the mountain we reach a point where the road splits. If we continue our journey on the road, we will enter into the hotel Makryammos (Makryammos Bungalows). But we will turn right and follow the dirt road! The route is not particularly great. Approximately 4 km dirt road separating us from this special beach! This year even the street has undergone repairs and although dirt road, is in a very good position compared with other years. The potholes are very few and the road is quite wide at all points fit 2 cars. If you have a car there will be no problem to get too lowered cars might be a problem when the racers forget it).

Where to Stay in Thassos?


Thassos Mermer Plajı

Just after the car will need a good wash to remove the dust! The more adventurous characters would enjoy the trip better motorbike! Learn more about Thassos Adası.

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