Ana SayfaYunanistanTrakyaBatı Trakya'nın En Geleneksel Yunan Şehrini Keşfetmeye Hazır Olun

Batı Trakya'nın En Geleneksel Yunan Şehrini Keşfetmeye Hazır Olun


If you have not yet discovered the city of Xanthi, famous for its carnival and beaches in Greece, you should definitely read our article.

İskeçe is a city in Trakya, northeastern Yunanistan. It is the capital of the Xanthi regional unit of the region of East Macedonia and Thrace. Its narrow streets continue to bear the traces of Ottoman architecture. The different ethnic groups (Turks, Bulgarians, Greeks, Armenians, people from Epirus, Halkidiki, Eastern Rumelia, Asia Minor and the Pontus region) lived and worked side-by-side, contributing to the social and cultural melting pot of Xanthi.

Bu university in Xanthi ensures that the city is always lively. Young people are spread all over the city, so you are likely to find cafes and restaurants everywhere. Especially in the summer, the population of the city is increasing because there are actually very güzel plajlar in the coastal part of Xanthi.

In addition, the İskeçe Karnavalı, organized like the end of February or the beginning of March, is one of the influential activities for the promotion and developing the tourism of the city. Thousands of visitors attend this carnival every year, and there is an entertainment with a magnificent beauty like the Rio Carnival.

If you thing that where to go in Greece, İskeçe should be your bucket list to visit.

İskeçe nerede

İskeçe is located in the north of Yunanistan and middle of the Trakya Bölgesi220 km doğusunda Selanik.

How to get to Xanthi

You have many ways to travel to Xanthi, by flights, bus, train, your own car or renting a car.


İskeçe, 44 km güneybatıda, Hrysoupoli yakınlarındaki Kavala şehrinin sınırlarında bulunan Havalimanı'nı paylaşmaktadır. Kavala'dan biraz daha uzakta bulunan, İskeçe'ye 220 km uzaklıktaki Selanik şehrine gitmek için de uçak bileti bulabilirsiniz. Selanik, Yunanistan'ın en büyük ikinci şehridir. Bu sebeple daha fazla uçuş seçeneğiniz olacağına emin olabilirsiniz.


Bu otobüs i̇stasyonu Kentriki Plateia'nın 700 metre güneyindedir. Dimokritou (daha sonra Karaoli) otobüs terminalinden Kentriki Plateia'ya gider. Otobüsler Komotini (5 €, bir saat, günde sekiz sefer), Selanik (19 €, 2½ saat, günde dokuz sefer), Atina (61 €, dokuz saat, günde bir sefer) ve Dedeağaç'a (8 €, bir saat, günde sekiz sefer) sefer yapmaktadır. Otobüsler ayrıca kuzeydeki Pomakohoria köylerine (3,80 €, 1½ saat, günde iki sefer) ve batıdaki Stavroupoli'ye de hizmet vermektedir. Bulgaristan'ın Svilengrad, Harmanlı, Haskovo ve Plovdiv (Yunanca Philippopouli) şehirlerine her gün sabah 9.30 ve akşam 5.30'da otobüsler (90 €) kalkmaktadır.


İskeçe tren istasyonundan kalkan trenler, Dedeağaç ve Gümülcine'yi günde iki kez Selanik'e bağlamaktadır. Bu sebeple, Selanik'e uçakla seyahat ederseniz İskeçe'ye trenle kolaylıkla ulaşabilirsiniz.

Araç Kiralama

Selanik'ten ya da Türkiye'den İskeçe'ye seyahat etmeyi düşünürseniz ve konforunuza düşkünseniz araba kiralama seçeneğini her zaman düşünmenizi öneririz.

İskeçe Karnavalı

It’s the colourful İskeçe Karnavalı and festive open-air market. There’s a special ambience here and you can’t exactly put your finger on it. But you’ll feel it as soon as you arrive. Welcome to Xanthi.

Every year İskeçe hosts the most brilliant, beautiful and colourful İskeçe Karnavalı in northern Greece. All of the city’s cultural communities come together to celebrate and recreate old customs. Although the Carnival has evolved over the years, the combination of modern additions, tradition and folkore is what makes it so special. Follow our Instagram sayfası Xanthi Karnavalı.

Beaches of Xanthi

Bu beaches of Xanthi are full of splendid coasts to explore: Dasohori, Erasmio, Mangana, Mirodato, Avdera, Ag. Yiannis, Porto Molo, Madra, Porto Lagos. Some are popular, full of nearby cafes and restaurants, while others are more secluded. Travel down the coast to find your favourite spot.

Things to do and see in Xanthi

The stately Old Town of Xanthi

Xanthi Old Town is glamourous and elegant. In the cobblestone streets and grand mansions of the wealthy tobacco merchants, you’ll find traces of a glorious era. Their stately multicolour homes have painted walls, wooden windows and flowering gardens. Inside they’re decorated with tasteful, handmade furniture, stained glass windows and ornately carved doors. Worth a visit are the Town Hall, built in 1830, the Municipal Gallery on Orpheus Street and the Folklore Museum of Xanthi.

Lake Vistonida and Porto Lagos: Where land and water become one

Nature lovers will find their paradise here. From the source of the Nestos River until Abdera, and from there until Porto Lagos ve Lake Vistonida, you’ll find a majestic blend of earth and water. The soil here in this corner of Greece is irrigated by the river’s fresh water. This then merges with the salty sea and between the reeds you’ll discover a refuge for rare birds, fish and other animals. Pure and peaceful, this scenery invites you to become one with it.

At Pomakohoria, a cluster of villages

‘Is this even Greece?’ you’ll wonder. At Pomakohoria – a cluster of interesting little villages – the unspoilt landscape has not been altered by surrounding influences, and nor have the people. Many say the locals, with their blond hair and blue eyes, are the descendents of the Agrianes, the army of elite warriors led by Alexander the Great. Today they live in the foothills of the Rhodopi Mountain range, preserving their cultural identity.

What to do in Xanthi

The serpentine Nestos River

Bu Nestos River cuts across the Rhodopi Mountains, trying to reach the sea, snaking in and out of the mountain range and creating the famous ‘Nestos Straits’. These meanderings result in unique geological formations and are a sight worth seeing by boat.

The birthplace of Democritus

Here you’ll find one of the most important archaeological sites in northern Greece. The first Greeks that settled here in the ancient city of Abdera were from the Ionian city of Teo. The Klazomenes, from Asia Minor, came later in 654 BC and Democritus was born here. Its marvellous small museum will delight you.

The Xanthi bazaar

With a long history, broken only by the centuries of Ottoman rule, the Xanthi bazaar has been a mainstay of residents of the city and an attraction for visitors from all around Greece and abroad. Famed for the diversity of merchandise on display, it is multicultural bazaar, full of colour, sound and hypnotic aromas.


İskeçe'de nerede kalınır? Özellikle İskeçe Karnavalı'nın gerçekleşeceği tarihlerde, şehir merkezine yakın oteller hangileridir? Oteller mi, apartmanlar mı? Çocuk kabul etmeyen oteller mi? İskeçe otelleri evcil hayvan kabul ediyor mu? İskeçe'de konaklamak için tavsiye ettiğimiz otelleri mutlaka inceleyin.

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