Ana SayfaYunanistanMakedonyaLondra Birleşik Krallık'tan Halkidiki'ye nasıl gidilir

Londra Birleşik Krallık'tan Halkidiki'ye nasıl gidilir


The easiest way to get to Halkidiki from London UK is flight. There are several flight companies for cheap flights to reach from London to Halkidiki.

First you have to arrive Selanik because of there is no airport in Halkidiki, the closest airport is Thessaloniki in this region.

Flights to Halkidiki from London UK

i̇ngi̇ltere londra'dan halkidiki'ye nasil gi̇di̇li̇r

Yo can find the best and the cheaper flights ticket from London to Thessalonki içinde There are a lot of opportunities on this website. Have a look and compare the prices. From the airport of Luton, Stansted or Gatwick you can fly to directly to the Thessaloniki.

Fancy getting to know Greece’s mainland a bit better, consider flights to Halkidiki. This three-pronged region on the country’s west coast dips its toes into the Aegean Sea. And the best part is, each of its peninsulas has its own vibe, so it’s ideal for adults-only retreats or family holidays with the children. If you like things on the lively side, Kassandra is your bet best. Here, wide sandy beaches give way to seaside villages and popular holiday towns, as well as Greece’s second-biggest city, Thessaloniki.

Ouranoupolis tower in day in Halkidiki

Over in Sithonia, meanwhile, you can expect quieter shores, as rugged coves and forest-covered hills take centre stage. The final peninsula is home to Mount Athos, and the whole area is somewhat of a mystery as it’s closed off to the public. This holy region has been recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as its 20 monasteries are said to house the longest surviving monastic community on earth.

If you’re intrigued and fancy catching a glimpse of Athos, take a cruise along the coast. As you sail past, look out for the tiny huts that are tucked into the crevices of the rock face, where some monks have chosen to live in isolation.

Londra Birleşik Krallık'tan Halkidiki'ye nasıl gidilir

You can travel on direct flights to Thessaloniki International Airport from three different UK airports.

All about Halkidiki Greece

Stretch out on one of Sithonia’s beaches, like Spathies or Agios Ioannis. They’re much quieter than the ones over on neighbouring Kassandra.

Rifle through the racks of Thessaloniki’s fashion stores to find yourself a bargain. The best stores are down Aghias Sofias and Tsimiski streets.

Nibble away through lots of little dishes. Served as part of a traditional Greek meze, they include things like stuffed vine leaves, warm pitta bread, and the full spectrum of dips.

Unwind over a quiet drink in Hanioti once the sun goes down. The town’s after-dark scene revolves around beachfront bars and cocktail lounges.

Zoom down the slides and chutes at Waterland in Thessaloniki. The Kamikasi is the most menacing. After an adrenaline-inducing ride, you can kick back and relax in the hydro-massage pool.

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