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Halkidiki'ye nasıl gidilir


Travel to Halkidiki, Greece: Halkidiki is a wonderful location, well-known for the breathtaking beaches and the numerous points of interest. Halkidiki is also a popular destination because of Mount Athos, one of the most sacred places of Christianity! On this page, you will find out in which ways you can reach and explore this unique location! So, how to get to Halkidiki, keep reading.

How to get to Halkidiki by flights

There is no airport in Halkidiki. The closest airport is Selanik Airport “Makedonia”. which is located about 20 km away from the city centre of Thessaloniki. The airport operates both domestic and international flights all year round. At the entrance of the airport, you will find taxis that can transfer you anywhere you wish or to the closest KTEL bus station, so that you take a bus to Halkidiki.

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halkidiki'ye nasıl gidilir
Thessaloniki Airport

How to get to Halkidiki by car

If they arrive by plane to the airport of Thessaloniki, visitors can then araba kiralamak and travel to Halkidiki. Most tourist places in Halkidiki are withn 1h and 1h30 from the airport of Thessaloniki. Many tourists from Balkan countries also travel to Halkidiki with their private car. Roads in Halkidiki are good but they have one line per direction, so attention is required.

How to get to Halkidiki by bus

KTEL (suburban) buses for Halkidiki depart from Halkidiki Bus Station, close to the airport of Thessaloniki. The airport is located east of the city centre, in the region of Thermi. These buses go to various destinations in Halkidiki, both villages and beaches.

Information – Coach Station of Halkidiki (KTEL):
Thessaloniki Station +30 2310 316565, 316555
Polygyros Station +30 23710 22309
Nea Moudania Station +30 23730 21228
Arnea Station +30 23720 22278
Kassandria Station +30 23740 22214

For more information, visit the website of the Coach Station of Halkidiki (KTEL):

For UK Tourist: How to get to Halkidiki from London, UK

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