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Girit'te Ulaşım: Otobüs ve Taksi Ücretleri


Girit is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Greece, making it possible to reach every point on this beautiful Greek island. Especially in the northern coastline, you can reach almost every town without difficulty. As soon as you arrive by plane to Girit, you will find access to many destinations via the public transport network.


Taxis in Crete can be found everywhere, especially in big cities. As some fares have been set (for example, from the port / airport to a tourist attraction), we recommend that you ask the driver the total price before taking a taxi.

Taxi fares on Crete

As soon as you get into the taxi, the opening fee of the taximeter will be around 1.80 euro. It will cost 0.90 Euro per kilometer. If you keep the taxi in place, the hourly rate is EUR 45. All these fees may vary depending on the season, but you will pay more or less at these prices.

KTEL Buses (Suburban)

gi̇rne'de ulaşim: otobüs ve taksi̇ ücretleri̇

There are two KTEL services in Crete: the KTEL of Chania-Rethymno and the KTEL of Heraklion-Lassithi. KTEL buses have a green color. There are daily and regular bus services between the four main cities of Crete (Hanya, Resmo, Kandiye and Agios Nikolaos). There are also bus services from the main cities to the largest villages and main tourist attractions of the province. For example, there are frequent trips from Chania to Kissamos, which passes through all the tourist attractions on the northern coast of Chania.

Urban buses

In the four major cities of Crete (Chania, Rethymno, Heraklion, Agios Nikolaos), you can find blue buses that provide access to all parts of the city. For example, the bus from Heraklion to Knossos is blue. These buses will be the savior of your touristic trips during your holiday in Crete.

Cars and motorbikes

Neredeyse every town in Crete has araç kiralama offices and motorcycle rental services at airports and bus stations. If you book online, you can also pick it up at your hotel or departure point. We recommend that you book a car two months in advance before arriving on the island, especially in high season because car rental in Crete is very popular.

Road network

Bu road network in Crete connects all major cities and attractions on the island. However, since the roads are narrow and there may be roads where only one car can pass, you should drive carefully here. Especially in mountainous areas, roads can be very twisty and very narrow.

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