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Thassos'a nasıl gidilir


Ways to travel and how to get to Thassos (Thasos, Tasos) island by flight, bus, car rental, own car, train or ship? Its easy to reach Taşoz because this island is all closed to transportation centers such as Kavala, İskeçe, Selanik, airports.

Thassos is an amazing Yunan Adası that you will see spectacular beaches. If you dont know where is Thassos, buraya tıklayın. Easy access to getting Thassos by plane, car rental or your own car. Read our article and choose one.

How to get to Thassos by flights

how to get to thassos by flights
Thessaloniki Airport

The island has no airport, but is served by the International Airport of Kavala. Athens-Kavala: Several scheduled flights daily (50-min flight). The airport ‘Alexander the Great’ at Chrissoupoli is 30 km east of Kavala. There also are flights and charters to and from important European cities, several times a week. The airport is 18 km from Keramoti, which has ferryboats that will get you to the capital of the island (35-min).

If traveling by plane (independent travel), the least expensive way is to fly to Thessaloniki on a direct flight and then take a bus, or either rent a car at the airport or take a taxi to go on to Keromoti to catch a ferry to Thassos. The drive time is about two and one half hours.

Car Rental to Travel to Thassos

Renting a car for the trip to Keromoti is the least expensive. When you check for kiralık arabalar, be sure to get a quote from Potos Car Rental which has an office at the airport and offers discounts to the Thassos Traveler.

Thassos'a araba ile nasıl gidilir

There are excellent road connections with all the large towns in the region. It takes about 2 hours (165kms) to reach Kavala by car from Thessaloniki. It also takes about the same amount of time from here to the last European City to the east, Alexandroupolis (174kms). From Kavala and Keramoti, you are able to take the Ferry to Thassos.

How to get to Thassos by bus

You can reach Kavala from Athens and Thessaloniki by Kavala Bus (Coach) Services (KTEL). If you are flying into Thessaloniki Airport, you will need to take a taxi from the airport to the bus station in Thessaloniki where you can catch a bus to Kavala. The cost of one (one way) ticket is about 15 Euros and the buses depart the station every hour from 06:00 til 20:00 everyday.

When you arrive in Kavala will have to do one of the following:

Depending on the time you arrive in Kavala, you have three options available to you.

  • You may find a flying dolphin that will take you either to Limenas (Thassos Town) or Skala Prinos. The port for these is only about 3 city blocks from the bus station. The cost depends on which dolphin is available and will be 10 Euros or more.
Thasos, Yunanistan'daki Limenaria kasabasının havadan görünümü
  • On the other side of the port from the dolphins are the regular ferries that run between Kavala and Skala Prinos. The cost will be about 3.50 Euros. Remember there are less ferries running between Kavala and Thassos, so try to know what the schedule is before you arrive.

Ferry Schedule of Thassos

how to get to thassos island
Limenas Port of Thasos or Thassos Greek island in the North Aegean Sea.
  • You can take another bus (about 3.50 Euro) to Hrissoupoli (Chrisoupolis), where you will have to take one more bus to Keromoti. This bus from Hrissoupoli (Chrisoupolis) to Keromoti will cost about 1,30 Euro and they leave the bus station every hour (last bus at 20:00). The bus to Keromoti should take you right by the ferry port.

Generally speaking, most all buses stop running about 20:00.

Ferryboat: Ferryboats connect the island with Kavala (1 hour hr and 15 min.) and with Keramoti (35 min). There is daily connection by ferryboat between Kavala – Thassos (17 m). Kavala – Prinos (13 m.) Keramoti – Thassos (6 m.). Hydrofoils connect the island with Kavala (40 min).

By train: You can see the Hellenic railways to travel to Drama. The trip takes 9.5 hours from Athens. You can also use the train to come from Thessaloniki, but it costs more than the bus and takes almost 1.5 hours longer. For more information call +3015240647 (Athens office), and +3031517517 (Thessaloniki office)

You arrive in Drama and take the bus (Coach) to Kavala, which departures every half hour.

By ship: Coastal lines connect Kavala and the North Aegean islands throughout the year while in the summer months Kavala is connected with many of the islands in the Aegean Sea.

thassos adasi hari̇tasi
Map of Thassos Island

On the Island: There are Daily buses via Panagia and Prinos that serve all the coastal villages. The 100-kilometer long road network is in good condition. Cars and motorbikes are available for hire on the island.

Thassos, like so many other places in Greece is a place you must see and experience for at least a few days of your summer vacation. It is one of the most beautiful islands of Greece, combining sea and mountain.

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